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We held a contest for students to guess the weight of the pumpkin in the library. We had guesses from 3 lbs to 3,000 lbs! The student with the closest guess won the pumpkin to take home for Halloween.
Sergio Lopez (on the far right) was the winner with a quess of 102 lbs - the actually weight was 104.1.  It was a lot of fun!
Manual Tapia, Dustin Ebel, Cooper Dutfield, Brian Villarreal, Hunter Boggs and Sergio Lopez

HS Marching Band
During an assembly on Wednesday, October 22nd the High School Marching Band played for the Storm Lake Middle School.  They played “Happy”, “Call Me Maybe” and “Sweet Caroline.”  The High School Marching Band also joined the Middle School Band to play the National Anthem and the School Son
g.  Both groups were impressive!


Upcoming Events

Monday, October 27

Elementary Book Fair
Volleyball Regional vs Spencer T 7:00pm

Tuesday, October 28

Early dismissal  12:35/12:45
Adventure Club @ Elementary 12:45-5:30pm
Cheer Tryout Practice @ HS Gym 1:00-3:30pm
Parent Teacher Conferences 1:00-7:30pm
Cheerleading Parent Meeting 5:00-6:00pm

Wednesday, October 29
Thursday, October 30
Early Dismissal 12;35/12:45
Adventure Club 12:45-5:30pm
Parent Teacher Conferences 1:00-7:30pm
Cheerleading Tryouts 4:00-6:00pm
Friday, October 31
No School
Saturday, November 1
Girls Swimming Regionals
7th/8th Honor Band Auditions @ BVU 8am-3:30pm
HS Honor Band Auditions @ BVU 8am-3:30pm
Sunday, November 2



In the Spotlight

Spotlight on the Middle School
5th Grade

The Middle School Band Room is alive with the Sound of Music! Over 100 5th grade students are participating in the band program. These students are enthusiastic about music making and are working hard to prepare for their first concert. 


The students have mastered general instrument care and assembly, beginning ensemble skills, and are on their way to memorizing their first five notes. The middle school band instructors are noticing students showing the "SL Middle School Way" through their respectful behavior, their readiness in band and their responsible "at home" practicing.  We are looking forward to sharing music with you at 7:00 pm on December 2nd at the Middle School. Stay tuned and join us in watching these students grow!

6th Grade

Sixth grade students recently finished a unit in Science on cells. They studied the parts of animal and plant cells and the function of each part. As a culminating activity, they made edible cells in class. Each student brought some “cell parts” to contribute and they assembled, labeled, and ate their cells at the end of the period. Last week they started studying the circulatory system. We made” blood” out of rice, corn syrup, red hots and white chocolate chips to model what our blood is like. We will be studying several body systems over the next few months!

In Social Studies, the students are beginning a unit on ancient Egypt. We have sampled foods that the ancient Egyptians ate on a regular basis. We had hummus, Egyptian flatbread, dates and honey. These foods were chosen because they are foods that we still eat today! Our unit on ancient Egypt will continue through the second quarter. Students will be learning about life in ancient Egypt, the pyramids, pharaohs, mummies, hieroglyphics and the contributions that the ancient Egyptians made to our lives today.

8th Grade

Students in Mrs. Bjorkgren’s 8th grade keyboarding class had a different way to type in October. They were paired with a partner and one student used their right hand and the other student used their left hand. They had to communicate with each other on the correct key to type.  After 10 minutes, partners switched places and used their other hand to type. Students increased their words per minute after practicing and began to key fluently. Everyone enjoyed this activity and it was a refresher course for learning the placement of the keys. 

Keyboarding007Jacob Scully and Manuel  Tapia