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  • Storm Lake Community School District
  • SLHS Silver Cord Program


The mission of the Storm Lake Silver Cord Program is to instill within students the importance of community service, and encourage students to be accountable for investing in their own education, their school, and in their community on a regular basis. Our program provides recognition to students who give service by volunteering their time, free of charge, to individuals or organizations in the Storm Lake and surrounding area. This is a voluntary program which helps students demonstrate responsibility, gives them work experience, and also gives them an opportunity to experience making a contribution to our community.


  • To encourage a partnership between students and our community
  • To teach our students volunteering makes communities stronger
  • To recognize students who volunteer their time because they are sacrificing for the greater good
  • To appreciate those who choose to volunteer

How to Qualify for Silver Cord Recognition:

Students must accumulate a MINIMUM of 200 documented hours of community service completed during high school (beginning June 1 after completion of 8th grade year and ending by April 30th of their senior year) in order to qualify for recognition. It is suggested that students try to earn 50 hours of service each year of high school in order to accumulate their 200 hours.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Sign up and complete the process via the Helper Helper app or website.
  • Seek opportunities to volunteer!
  • If, for some reason you cannot fulfill your obligation, edit your commitment on Helper
  • Helper as soon as possible.
  • Demonstrate responsible behavior such as being on time, following directions, being respectful, using your manners, maintaining confidentiality, etc.


  • Students may provide volunteer services for a school, church, temple, community agency, group, or individual. Volunteering must be unpaid and may include but is not limited to the following suggested opportunities:
    • Concession stand time
    • Auditorium time (ushers, ticket takers, etc)
    • Booster club tournament
    • Peer tutoring
    • Tornado Alley
    • Working in Media Center
    • Individual service opportunities/projects
    • Youth coaching/refereeing
    • Community Education opportunities
    • Volunteer opportunities through various clubs
  • Students who transfer into SLHS will have hours prorated based on the recommended hours/year.
  • The following activities may NOT be counted as volunteer service:
    • Assisting members of immediate family
    • Attendance at a school sponsored conference/workshop
    • Attendance at club meetings, church, scouts, etc. (HOWEVER, work done as part of such a group can count as community service)
    • Participating in rehearsals or practicing for school musicals, drama or athletic programs, activities, demonstrations, performances, or contests
    • Participating in an athletic activity or serving as a team manager
    • Fundraising for a group, club, or class without direct supervision of time served
    • Service will not be performed during scheduled class times, unless the entire class is given the opportunity
    • Services performed at school or in the community as a result of disciplinary action
*Situations not covered by the previously listed guidelines will be referred to the high school Silver Cord Committee. Students have the right to appeal any hours denied.

How Students Will be Recognized:

  • All students who document and submit approved community service will have those hours recorded on their transcripts.
  • Students will be recognized at the beginning of each semester for their service the prior semester.
  • Students who accumulate at least 200 hours of documented community service will receive an emerald pin. Students will also receive a silver cord for graduation.

Contact Information:

Kim Johnson Jodi Theisen
Nichole Krager Sandy Mouw