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Storm Lake Community School District Goals

Student Achievement
All students will increase their academic achievement as demonstrated by:
  • Growth on the MAP tests as measured by the RIT score (Grades 3-11)
  • Growth on the Iowa Assessments as measured by the standard score (Grades 3-11)
  • Growth on the GOLD assessment (PK and Begindergarten)
  • Growth on Reading and Math Assessments (Grades K-2)
  • Growth on I-ELDA (ELL Learners)
  • A reduction of the number of students that fail courses at the middle school and high school
  • Increased graduation rate at the high school
Parent Involvement

Strategies will be developed and implemented to increase the involvement of parents at all school buildings.  An emphasis will be placed on increasing representation of the school district's diverse population.  The following action steps will be taken to increase parent involvement in the school district:

  • An attempt will be made to increase the number of Non-Caucasian serving on the school district's School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC) and other building and district committees.
  • The School Improvement Advisory Committee will discuss strategies to increase parent involvement.  School leaders will attempt to implement the discussed strategies.
  • The Superintendent will be an active member of the City of Storm Lake's Leadership Academy.  The Leadership Academy's focus is on making community members more aware of leadership opportunities in the Storm Lake community.
  • Building principals will discuss strategies to increase parent involvement with their teachers and the discussed strategies will be implemented.
  • Building principals will share information and data on parent involvement activities (Including numbers) with the Board of Education during their monthly principal reports.

The district's 5-year facilities plan will be monitored and updated with a goal of providing students with a positive environment that is conducive to learning as demonstrated by:

  • Construction and remodeling will continue at the high school with a substantial completion date of January 2016.  The construction will be montiored by school personnel and the DLR Group.
  • Enrollment trends at all buildings will be analyzed and facility plans will be updated based upon the information that is collected.
  • Options for South School will continue to be studied and implemented once the high school renovation is completed.
  • A committee will be formed to study options for the East Early Childhood Center.
  • Accessiblity issues identified during the 2015 equity visit will be corrected by August 2016.

Strategies will be implemented to increase community awareness of the positive happenings in Storm Lake Community Schools, as demonstrated by the following:

  • Increase the number of people following the school district's Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Principals will encourage teachers to post happenings in their classrooms on the school district's webpage.
  • Principals will contact the newspaper and radio stations about positive happenings in their buildings.
  • School district will continue to participate n Storm Lake Radio's Community Spotlight.

In addition to these four areas, the Storm Lake Community School District will continue to monitor and develop strategies in the following areas:

Fiscal Responsibility:
A financial plan that maximizes available resources for the education program while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

Student Behavior:
Strategies to improve student behavior and decrease incidents of bullying.

Student Participation:
Strategies to increase the number of students participating in fine arts and extra-curricular activities (including athletics, speech drama, and clubs).