Kreative Kitchen Patrons! Please note if you signed up for this week's meal it will be served TOMORROW (FEB. 23) instead of Friday.

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K-1 Migrant After-school Program

Meets:  Mondays & Tuesdays   3:30-4:30

Led by:  Kathy Bowman and Nancy Thompson


During the K-1 after-school program fiction and non-fiction books about bears were read and discussed.  The group of 9 boys was divided into three teams to create their "construction company".  Using recycled materials, the “companies” were given the task of making free-standing, strong beds for their stuffed bear. Students worked cooperatively to plan and create a bed.   Each bed was tested for strength, and their bear was measured and weighed.  Each company recorded their plan, materials used, steps, and finished product in a notebook. 

Check out each company's project notebook by click the pictures below:

Charmillion Company

Picachu Company

Pokemon Company