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National History Day - Regional Competition

Front Row (L-R): Jocelyn Carbajal, Aiden Phillips, Alexis Torres, Jane Gonzalez, Hser Ku Htoo, Arely Ramirez, Ma Sha Hser, Cambrie Andrade and Amy Slight.
Second Row: Priscilla Robinson, Chris Bermudez, Kael Fang, Liam Stone, Kalandra Jones, Sandar Myint and Ian Villarreal.
Third Row: Bailey Clipperton, Sarah Olson, Che Der Ya Moo, Matt Newton, Alayna Rice, Celeste Sotelo.
Back Row: Ernesto Carbajal, Nyapal Chuol, Drew Taylor, Keegan Miller, Joey Chanthavisouk, Raul Tejeda, and Ethan Gasner.

Buena Vista University recently hosted the Spirit Lake Regional Competition for National History Day 2017. These students created projects including websites, historical exhibits, documentaries and performances based on the theme “Taking a Stand in History.” Storm Lake Middle School had 28 students compete and several of those students received special awards. They include:

  • Outstanding Ability to Answer Interview Questions Award:  Ernesto Carbajal, Ethan Gasner, Ian Villarreal, Alexis Torres, Raul Tejeda with their group website titled “Raoul Wallenberg’s Stand Against the Nazi Extermination of the Jews.”
  • Outstanding Ability to Answer Interview Questions Award:  Amy Slight, Cambrie Andrade and Alayna Rice with their group documentary titled "Sojourner Truth: A Former Slave's Voice For Her People."
  • Outstanding Ability to Answer Interview Questions Award:  Hser Ku Htoo with her individual performance titled “Taking a Stand Against Poverty:  Habitat for Humanity.”
  • The Latino History Award:  Aiden Phillips, “Taking a Stand for Latinos:  Roberto Clemente.”​


We are also pleased to report that ten (10) Storm Lake Middle School students will continue to the State Competition on May 8th at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines. They include:

  • Aiden Phillips with an individual website titled “Taking a Stand for Latinos: Roberto Clemente”
  • Hser Ku Htoo with an individual performance titled “A Stand Against Substandard Housing: Habitat for Humanity”
  • Arely Ramirez with an individual exhibit board titled “Percy Julian: Pioneer of Synthetic Chemistry”
  • Kael Fang, Chris Bermudez, and Ma Sha Hser with a group website titled “The Bay of Pigs Invasion: A Stand Against Communism”
  • Bailey Clipperton and Sandra Myint with their group exhibit titled “The Polish Home Army: Standing Against Nazi Occupation"
  • Che Der Moo with an individual website titled “The Opium Wars: China's Stand Against Imperial Britain”
  • Sarah Olson with a historical paper titled “Standing on the Same Stage: Benny Goodman and His African American Band Members.”


We would like to give special thanks to Buena Vista University Library’s staff for assisting us with over 80 interlibrary loans.