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Today our Preschool Teachers and Instructional Assistants attended Professional Development to continue our conversations about the importance for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Play Based Learning in our Preschool Programs. 


Our teachers developed some great models of how they can work with students in their own classrooms.  One group worked together to create a sail boat and the other designed a model of BUZZ the Bee, our PBIS Mascot.  We cannot wait to bring back our learning and innovation to the students in our Early Childhood Programs!


On April 27th, the East Early Childhood students celebrated being responsible at Kindness Counts. The students started the assembly with the East School Cheer. Then Miss Emily's students led the school in a dance to 'The Wheels on the Bus'. 

For 'Our Proud Projects', in honor of Earth day, Mrs. Miller's students shared with us how they dressed up like super heroes and picked up trash around the school. They even taught East school their super hero chant, "Help save the Earth!" Thanks to Mrs. Miller's group, we can all be super heroes and protect the Earth! Then Mrs. Boger's students came up and shared their new knowledge about nests. Students explained that a bird can build a nest using sticks, leaves, grass, and mud. Each student created a bird nest using nature materials that they gathered on a class field trip at Little Storm Lake.

Lastly, our PBIS mascot, Buzz, our bee stuffed animal, landed in Miss Stacy's room because they were caught being responsible at lunch. Way to go, East School!