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Daily Questions & Answers


July 13 Graduation & Prom/Not Prom Update Repsonse  
June 22 What is toxic positivity? Response  
June 15 I'm feeling overwhelmed, what can I do? Response  
June 12 What about summer school? Response  
June 11 Will there be sports/activities in the fall? Response  
June 10 What is the District's Return to Learn Plan and how do I participate? Response  
June 9 What can I do to manage stress and anxiety? Response  
June 8 What about face-to-face graduation? Response Spanish
June 5 How do I provide input for the return to learn plans? Response  
June 4 What is being done to ensure the health & safety of my child upon school reopening in the fall? Response  
June 3 What is happening with construction at the Middle School? Response  
June 2 What about summer recreation programs thru Community Education? Response  
June 1 What does the school calendar for next year look like? Response Spanish
May 29 How can I give the district feedback about the hybrid plans being developed?  Response  
May 28 Will we be playing HS baseball and softball this summer? Response Spanish
May 27 What grade will I be in when we return to school? Response  
May 26 Can you provide more information the the Dual Language program at the Elementary? Response  
May 22 What about Kindergarten Round-Up & registration? Response   Spanish
May 21 Will we have prom? When? Response   Spanish
May 20 What will school be like in the fall?   Response    Spanish
May 19 Today we're focusing on Imagine Learning at Storm Lake Elementary Response  
May 18 What should seniors expect today as they come in to pick up their graduation gear? Response  
May 15 What are we doing to honor our Seniors in place of Awards Night? Response  Spanish
May 14 How do I deal with my feelings? Response  
May 13 What does required learning look like? Response  
May 12 What is the difference between the pass/fail and letter grade options at the HS? Response  
May 11 What are the plans for graduation? Response