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Below are two versions of proposed calendars for the 2017-18 school year.  The differences between the two options are when parent teacher conference comp days are scheduled.  Option 2 extends the break at Thanksgiving and in the spring by having the parent teacher comp days scheduled on Wednesday, November 22 and Wednesday, March 28.


The following items are included in both options:

  1. Wednesday, August 23 - start date for students (mandated by Iowa statute)
  2. 1st semester ending before Winter break (of importance to HS teachers and students)
  3. Full days of professional development as opposed to early outs for professional development.
  4. Commencement on Sunday, May 20
  5. The same scheduled weather make-up days.
2017-2018 Calendar Option 1 2017-2018 Calendar Option 2
Please look both options over and let Dr. Turner know if you have feedback.  If you have questions/comments/concerns please email Dr. Turner (
The calendar adoption timeline is as follows:
  • Tuesday, January 3 - Tuesday, March 14 - receive feedback on calendar options and consider possible revisions
  • Wednesday, February 15 - Set Public Hearing Date for Calendar Adoption for March 15
  • Monday, March 13 - Final Review at the School Improvement Advisory Committee meeting
  • Wednesday, March 15 - Public Hearing and School Board Consideration