Kreative Kitchen Patrons! Please note if you signed up for this week's meal it will be served TOMORROW (FEB. 23) instead of Friday.

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  • Storm Lake Community School District
  • Academic Requirements
Subject Credits Description
English 8 Public Speaking + 7 English Credits
Math 6  
Science 6 Integrated Science + 4 Science Credits
Social Studies 6 World Culture + US History + Government + Econ
Health 1  
Physical Education 3.2 8 semesters
Electives 18  
Total 48.2  
Sophomore To be considered a Sophomore (10th Grade), a student must have 12 credits to begin the school year.
Junior To be considered a Junior (11th Grade), a student must have 24 credits to begin the school year.
Senior To be considered a Senior (12th Grade), a student must have 36 credits to begin the school year.
CREDIT GUIDELINES To be on track to graduate in 4 years, students should have the following number of credits at the end of each year:
Freshmen 12 Credits Total
Sophomores 24 Credits Total
Juniors 36 Credits Total
Remember, in High School, you need to pass your classes in order to receive credits.  If you get behind on credits, it will take you LONGER than 4 years to get your Storm Lake High School Diploma.